A 12 year old boy, Noah, goes to the zoo with his mother and father and is swept away on a seven continent fantasy adventure. He sees dozens of animals and learns about them in their true habitat. 

His guide and personal docent, Manny Meercat, teaches Noah about the animals’ lives. He also teaches him about the possibilities in life and how to grieve for his brother’s recent death.

The story and content in “Noah’s Adventure” contains threads from the author’s own life and history. It is an emotional personal account in many ways for the author and it is in the same genre as Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” and Astrid Lindgren’s “The Brothers Lionheart.” This mid-grade children’s book will attract readers from ages 7 to adult.

The Author


The Story

An Animal Adventure Fantasy

Frederick Fichman was born in Kansas City, Mo.

Moving to California and Hollywood, he started a career in network television broadcasting and a parallel track as an author. Several of his science fiction books are currently available on Amazon Kindle and in print on Amazon subsidiary, CreateSpace. Included in his science fiction series: "SETI," "SETI, The Journey," "SETI, Conception," and the anthology of all three books in the SETI series, "The SETI Trilogy." Recently, author Fichman has decided to expand the SETI series for a total of nine books. Book IV is currently in-work. Several other novels are now in-work as well and will be available to his readers soon.

He has also written and published a series of travel books, journals and non-fiction animal/nature/wildlife books, "Visit the Zoo." His audiobooks, narrated by Mr. Fichman, will be available soon on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. You can visit his web page at www.frederickfichman.com. Book trailer videos can be seen on his YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/fjfichman. He also writes a blog which can be read at: www.authorfrederickfichman.com.